Schaumburg Watch

In the Schaumburg region in the Weser Renaissance the eponymous mechanical watches SCHAUMBURG WATCH are created. Since 1998, our stubborn and extraordinary chronographs and chronometers have been given shape by the current owner of the company. The current reputation of the SCHAUMBURG WATCH brand cannot be measured by production figures or the abundance of the model range. As a small manufactory, we elude quantitative classifications and thus retain the claim to the highest quality "at any price". Schaumburg Watch watches thus enjoy the reputation of being unique, i.e. a real insider tip.

The development of new ideas and their implementation are the focus of our work.

In-house CNC production of work parts, blanks and work bridges.

One of our specialties is the finishing of movement parts by hand, such as hand engraving, hand skeletonization.

We produce a variety of surface structures. Microblasting, electroplating, patinating and thermal surface colouring of metals.

CNC engraving, personalisation and surface finishing of any kind.

Custom fabrication of raw dials from brass, silver, gold, copper, damascus steel, etc.

Manufacture and assembly of special wrist watches.

In our house we process special leather bracelets in different styles under the label Schaumbird.

Our day-to-day business includes, among other things, the seamless quality control of our various product groups.

Schaumburg Watch is one of the few watch manufacturers in Europe that is able to perform water resistance and pressure tests up to 600 bar/6000 meters. We test for various brands and manufacturers.

In cooperation with Schaumburg Watch and the German and Swiss watch industry, we organize seminars in which every participant can build his own watch under the guidance of our experienced watchmakers without any previous knowledge.