The MooN is a superlative high-tech mechanical moon phase clock with photorealistic display of the moon cycles for the northern or southern hemisphere of the earth and a maximum deviation of one day in 122.5 years. The orbital period of our earth's satellite according to sidereal calculation is 27.3217 and according to synodic period about 29.53 days. Simple moon phase clocks measure the moon cycle with 27.5 days. In order to display the moon phases exactly on a clock over years, a complicated gear train is required. Analogous to the daily shift of the moonrise by about 50 minutes, low tide and high tide occur daily about 50 minutes later. Spring tides at full and new moon illustrate the enormous force influence of the celestial satellite on any water balance here on earth. The phases of the moon therefore have a lasting influence on our lives. However, we modern humans are so far removed from the natural rhythm of light and tide that we need a moon phase clock to be aware of the current position of the moon.

Thus, moon phase watches and lunar calendars have recently experienced a tremendous renaissance. However, the shortcoming of most moon phase clocks is their inaccuracy; only a few very expensive examples maintain their accuracy for decades. Lunar cycles have always been an issue at Schaumburg Watch: our stated goal was to integrate a moon phase display that is as realistic as possible and functions as accurately as possible into a wristwatch. At 13.4 mm, the photo-realistic representation of the MooN is probably the world's largest moon phase display in an automatic watch. It is not the representation of the moon itself that moves, but an earth shadow simulation. Thus, the moon remains visible on the dial during a new moon, just as it would on a starry night. When the moon is full, the small moon on the watch shines like its large role model thanks to Superluminova luminous material.

Another superlative designed by Schaumburg Watch is the optional delivery of the MooN with a clockwise or counterclockwise moon phase for the northern or southern hemisphere of the earth. This in-house development is based on a novel change gear movement, which makes it possible to deliver the moon phase running left or right according to the latitude. Another highlight is the almost absolute accuracy of the moon phase display: Only in 122.5 years, the displayed lunar cycle deviates by just one single day. Just as important to us as the decades of display accuracy was the minute-accurate setting of the moon phase on the dial. The correction pusher at 8 o'clock enables minute rotation of the Earth's shadow over the moon, so that a full moon, for example, can be set precisely to 10:05 in the evening. Instead of a standard case, we have given such ingenious movement technology a steel case suitable for everyday use, whose neat shape alone causes enthusiasm. The 43mm large and very massive case tapers towards the bottom and has especially shapely lugs for 22mm straps. As a special highlight, we have designed the bezel in the shape of a crescent moon, which significantly reduces its susceptibility to scratches. The shape of the lugs is also very individual and increases the recognition value of the equally sporty and elegant watch in current size.

MooN grand perpetual - Meteorite

The meteorite dial of the MooN consists of fragments of asteroids and originates from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They were knocked loose from their mother body by collisions. The typical Widmanstätten figures in our meteorite dials, for example, can only be formed when a molten metallic body cools very slowly, over millions of years. Many millions of years old, many millions of kilometers it took for the meteorite to be finely processed into a Schaumburg Watch Perpetual MooN Meteor. Each watch is therefore unique and had a galactic story that will accompany its proud owner for a lifetime.

MooN grand perpetual - Galaxy ( Winner : The watch of the year).

In the 16th century, Italian monks together with alchemists are said to have been commissioned by the Pope to create a precious stone that connects heaven and earth, the Gold River (Goldstone). Its name derives from the fact that at high temperatures it glitters like gold and begins to flow. The recipe used to make the Goldstone is still a secret today. For us, the Goldstone was the perfect starting material for the dials of the Galaxy & Signs of Zodiac . Even though the processing of the glass-like material proved to be very difficult and costly, we are proud to have created a unique watch that connects heaven and earth.

MooN Werewolf - Limited Edition

The MooN Werewolf is limited to 25 watches. The 925/- silver dials are made entirely by hand. Even the 18K gold hour markers are created by hand in relief engraving.